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Interested in learning FAM? 

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For a personalized experience, I offer private consultations on learning to use the Fertility Awareness Method for contraception, conception, and general reproductive health. This is a great way to troubleshoot your cycle, learn to use highly effective natural birth control, or prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and conceive more easily.

Private sessions are for ovary-bearers, alone or with their partners if desired, and are in-person (in Davis and Sacramento, California) or online via videoconference.

This package deal includes: 

  • 3 sessions, the first for 1.5 hours, followed by two for 1 hour each

  • Unlimited email support between our meetings, and for one month following our last meeting

  • Access to my informational pamphlets and how-to guides (paper copies if we're meeting in-person; electronic if we're meeting via videoconference)

All of this is just $259. If you want to add on more appointments afterward, subsequent sessions are $60/hour (a 20% discount off my usual à la carte session rate). 

While I greatly appreciate payment in full before the start of our first meeting, if that is not possible I will happily work with you to come up with a payment plan. Trades are also an option; just ask

"Why does it take multiple sessions? Can't I learn it all at once?"

Glad you asked! If you're learning FAM for contraception, here's what we'll cover in these three sessions, and why I like to do it this way: 

  • In the first meeting, we will go over your intake form (which you will have filled out ahead of time), and discuss your general and reproductive health history and your goals for using FAM. I will then give you a mini lesson in the anatomy and physiology of the menstrual cycle (tailored to your current level of knowledge), comprehensive overview of the practice, get you started with charting, and share with you several documents that detail the practice.

  • In our second meeting, which will be after your next completed cycle, we will talk about how it’s been going for you and go over what you’ve charted so far in detail to make sure you understand all the various pieces of the practice. If we've identified any hormonal imbalances, we'll talk about what steps you might take to address them.

  • Our third meeting will be after you’ve completed another cycle or two, depending on your needs. At this meeting we will discuss the specific rules for using FAM to prevent pregnancy to its most effective degree. I save this part for last because it’s really important that you get the hang of charting and get to know your cycle before you actually start to use FAM as a contraceptive method. We'll also continue to talk about hormonal health, addressing any dietary or lifestyle factors, if relevant.

If you're learning FAM for conception, our sessions will look something like this: 

  • In the first meeting, we will go over your intake form (which you will have filled out ahead of time), and discuss your general and reproductive health history and your goals for using FAM. We will start talking about how to best prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy, and how you can use FAM to tune in to your cycles and gauge your hormonal health. I'll give you a mini lesson in the anatomy and physiology of what's going on during your cycle (tailored to your current level of knowledge), and why optimal timing is super important. If you've been experiencing fertility challenges, we'll talk through what's going on, some potential causes, and what your next steps might be. Many people find that tracking their cycles and optimizing their timing is all it takes to get pregnant, but for others, deeper digging and addressing hormonal imbalances may be needed.

  • In our second meeting, which will be after your next completed cycle, we will talk about how it’s been going for you and go over what you’ve charted so far in detail to make sure you understand all the various pieces of the practice and what's going on in your body. We'll continue addressing any hormonal imbalances, if relevant.

  • Our third meeting will be after you've completed another cycle or two, depending on your needs. We will again go over your charts in detail and discuss what's happening at each phase of your cycle, and continue addressing hormonal imbalances. If necessary, we will talk about potential next steps in working through fertility challenges, such as what labs or diagnostic tools may be useful, or how you might incorporate fertility awareness into medical options if you choose to go that route.

What happens if you're trying to conceive, and you become pregnant before our sessions are over? Hooray! We can continue to talk about nutrition and having an optimally healthy pregnancy, or switch gears to birth and breastfeeding preparation when you get closer to having your baby. I'll work with you to figure out how to make the most of our time together.

Already practicing FAM?

For years I practiced FAM on my own, having learned exclusively from a book. While it all went well and I was really into what I was doing, there were holes in my understanding of what was actually going on in my body, as well as in my grasp of the specific rules for avoiding pregnancy. I didn't even fully realize how much I didn't know until I started training as a Fertility Awareness Educator!

I'd bet there are a lot of you out there who, like me a few years ago, would really benefit from a session or two with a trained FAE to look at your charts, go over the physiological processes involved in a cycle, and to get a refresher on the rules for avoiding pregnancy, just to make sure you're doing it all with the utmost effectiveness. If the package deal above seems like more than you need because you're already a somewhat-experienced charter, I'm offering à la carte sessions for $75/hour. Just get in touch to schedule an in-person or online session. 

If you're still deciding and want to hear a bit more about any of these options, get in touch and we can set up a free 15 minute introductory conversation (videoconference or old-fashioned telephone) where I'll answer your questions and tell you more about my offerings.

Interested in my childbirth preparation and breastfeeding education options? You can see an overview of what my group classes contain by visiting the Pregnancy & Birth page. 

I offer private childbirth preparation and breastfeeding education sessions, for individual families or small groups (where you get a few pregnant friends together and have me come to your home). If desired, I can include special material geared at helping older siblings prepare for a new baby in the family. 

I also offer "refresher" classes for those who have already had a baby (or two, or three...) and just want to brush up on labor management techniques, or want to be better prepared for breastfeeding this time around. This would also be a great option if you've had a hospital birth and are planning to have your next baby at home; you may already know a lot of the material in a standard childbirth education class, but need more specific to natural birth and physiological pain management. If you're planning a VBAC, I can tailor the information to support you in optimizing your chances of having the birth you want. Any other specific situation? Just ask!

Please contact me for rates and any other questions you may have. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

What do others have to say about working with me?

Magy says:

When I was 25, I read several books and learned the principles of Fertility Awareness, because I needed an alternative to hormonal birth control. I practiced successfully for six years, but suffered from PMS, irregular cycles, and a lot of confusion around diet and what my body needed to support my reproductive health. I always wanted the opportunity for some in-person FA education, hence my excitement when I found Rosemary's course. I loved learning about the hormonal cycle and how to use the elements of charting to draw conclusions about my overall hormonal health. Rosemary made the material fun, accessible, colorful and multi-dimensional by bringing all facets of female health into the discussion, including diet, sexual health, sleep, stress... I really appreciated her library of additional resources, and the one-on-one support she provided after the course. Most importantly, I found the motivation and direction to investigate my personal health concerns, and use charting as a way to gauge my progress.

I sincerely believe that every young woman should receive this education, and it's a shame that so many only happen upon FA and similar methods after they can't get answers to their own problems from "mainstream" healthcare. The more women who learn this method and finally uncover the mysteries of their amazing bodies, the better! 

Alexandra says:

I was having a really tough time troubleshooting my cycles and felt a bit at the end of my wits. So, I looked for a FAM educator and found Rosemary. I am thrilled that I did. I did a private Fertility Awareness Method course with Rosemary Roberts early in 2018, which consisted of three sessions. Not only did Rosemary help me understand the patterns in my cycles and how to spot those patterns to determine when I was ovulating, she was also instrumental in helping me regulate my cycles so that they were easier to understand. Rosemary went above and beyond to help me, and I truly don't know where I'd be without her. Rosemary is also kind and calm, just speaking with her was reassuring. I highly recommend working with her. Thanks to Rosemary, in addition to understanding FAM better, I more thoroughly understand and am in touch with body as a whole.

Adrianna says:

I enrolled in a Fertility Awareness Method course with Rosemary Roberts in Fall 2017, which consisted of three sessions over three weeks. My initial reason for taking the course was to hear first-hand about the benefits and success rates of FAM, but I ended up getting so much more than that out of the class. Rosemary was incredibly thorough--a knowledgeable resource on female anatomy, reproductive health and tracking your fertility. Though I had researched FAM before the class, following the rules for contraception had seemed daunting, but Rosemary was able to delineate them in an easy, understandable way. In particular, I was grateful for the fact she had years of her own personal experience to share and established a welcoming, non-judgemental environment. I feel confident about using FAM for contraception and have already begun charting! (It’s even kind of fun).

My classes, workshops, and private consultations are open and affirming to all. If you are interested in learning more about your reproductive and sexual health, I am happy to work with you, and I will be inclusive of your family, partner/s, and whoever is involved along the way.