pregnancy & birth preparation

As a Certified Childbirth Educator (International Childbirth Education Association, 2016), I help pregnant people and their partners explore all aspects of pregnancy in order to lead them to confidence in making fully informed decisions regarding their choice of health care provider, prenatal care, place and method of birthing, and postpartum and early parenting preferences. 

childbirth education, pregnancy, normal birth.

I see giving birth as a normal, natural part of being a human, and that a successful birth is one that is in the hands of the birthing person, figuratively if not literally.

In our culture of highly medicalized childbirth, this is best attained when birthing parents feel knowledgeable about the physiological processes of pregnancy and birth, are empowered to make the decisions that are right for them and their families, and are supported in doing so. 


My childbirth classes incorporate:

  • basic anatomy & physiology to better understand the processes of pregnancy, birthing & lactation

  • nutritional information for a healthy pregnancy that can be tailored to your own dietary needs

  • a comprehensive overview of common prenatal tests and birthing interventions, with emphasis on informed consent and assessing benefits vs risks

  • comfort measures to manage the intensity of labor, including relaxation and pain-coping techniques

  • preparation for the postpartum phase, including lactation, realistic newborn expectations, and changes to family/partner dynamics

2019 update: I am not currently holding childbirth classes, but I am available for private sessions (more about this in Work with Me). Please contact me for more information!