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lactation support

As a Certified Lactation Educator (Evergreen Perinatal Educators/Bastyr University, 2015), I offer my knowledge and experience to help educate pregnant people about the importance of feeding human babies human milk, to help new parents get breastfeeding/chestfeeding off to a good start, and to support every nursing dyad as they continue this relationship for as long as they desire.

My work is rooted in the understanding that feeding our babies from our bodies is physiologically normal, and that most of the nursing-related challenges that new parents face today are a direct result of two phenomena. The first one is a lack of support from family, community, and our current economic/political institutions, and the ways in which this cultural norm is validated and perpetuated by the media. The second is a lack of understandingon the part of many health care providers, as well as the general public, which, again, is consistently perpetuated by the mediaof the physiological processes involved in lactation, and all of the birth and early parenting interventions that disrupt these processes. 

Through education and advocacy, I work toward a goal of ensuring that all expectant parents have the information they need to make informed decisions regarding how to feed their babies, and that every new parent who wants to breastfeed/chestfeed will have the necessary support to do so successfully. 

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Photo by Chris Adlam, 2015