menstrual cups, thermometer, paper chart. what is the fertility awareness method?

What is Fertility Awareness?

Fertility Awareness refers to a collection of practices through which we can come to understand the menstrual cycle and gain an awareness of our reproductive health.

Knowing the parameters of our cycle gives us clues about the health of our reproductive organs and our hormones, and can help us explore and discover what our body needs, in terms of nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management, for optimum health.

When we use the principles of Fertility Awareness as a daily practice, either to avoid or to achieve pregnancy, it is known as the Fertility Awareness Method. By charting our fertility signs—waking body temperature, cervical fluid observations, and cervical feel & position—every single day, we can know at all times whether we are in a fertile or infertile state, and can thus time intercourse/insemination depending on our desired outcome.

As a method of contraception, FAM is highly effective, with rates comparable to hormonal birth control. See my FAM FAQ for more!

Wondering if FAM is for you?

  • Do you want to learn more about your body, and how to take your reproductive health into your own hands?

  • Do you want to avoid pregnancy without the use of hormonal contraceptives?

  • Do you want to more easily achieve pregnancy without medical intervention?

actual-size clay uterus models. left: post-menstruation, and right: pre-menstruation

actual-size clay uterus models. left: post-menstruation, and right: pre-menstruation

I can teach you all about it! 

As a Fertility Awareness Educator, my goal is to teach people about their bodies and the amazing dance that our hormones and reproductive organs do every month. I am passionate about the intersection of body literacy and reproductive justice, and I see Fertility Awareness as a vital part of taking back our birthright: the knowledge of and ability to determine our own reproductive health and bodily autonomy.

I have been successfully practicing FAM for almost a decade, for contraception and conception, and trained hard for two years to be qualified to teach! I am excited to be able to share this amazing practice with you. If your answer to ANY of the above questions is "Yes!" then FAM may be a great option for you! Let's talk!

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If you're all ready to get started, you can download my blank charts here

My classes, workshops, and private consultations are open and affirming to all. If you are interested in learning more about your reproductive and sexual health, I am happy to work with you, and I will be inclusive of your family, partner/s, and whoever is involved along the way.

What do others have to say about working with me?

Alexandra says:

I was having a really tough time troubleshooting my cycles and felt a bit at the end of my wits. So, I looked for a FAM educator and found Rosemary. I am thrilled that I did. I did a private Fertility Awareness Method course with Rosemary Roberts early in 2018, which consisted of three sessions. Not only did Rosemary help me understand the patterns in my cycles and how to spot those patterns to determine when I was ovulating, she was also instrumental in helping me regulate my cycles so that they were easier to understand. Rosemary went above and beyond to help me, and I truly don't know where I'd be without her. Rosemary is also kind and calm, just speaking with her was reassuring. I highly recommend working with her. Thanks to Rosemary, in addition to understanding FAM better, I more thoroughly understand and am in touch with body as a whole.

Adrianna says:

I enrolled in a Fertility Awareness Method course with Rosemary Roberts in Fall 2017, which consisted of three sessions over three weeks. My initial reason for taking the course was to hear first-hand about the benefits and success rates of FAM, but I ended up getting so much more than that out of the class. Rosemary was incredibly thorough--a knowledgeable resource on female anatomy, reproductive health and tracking your fertility. Though I had researched FAM before the class, following the rules for contraception had seemed daunting, but Rosemary was able to delineate them in an easy, understandable way. In particular, I was grateful for the fact she had years of her own personal experience to share and established a welcoming, non-judgemental environment. I feel confident about using FAM for contraception and have already begun charting! (It’s even kind of fun).