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Natural Contraception & Body Literacy with FAM

  • Davis Holistic Health Center 1403 5th Street, Suite B Davis, CA, 95616 United States (map)

Do you have ovaries? Do you want to know more about how awesome they are? How about some 100% natural, highly effective contraception while you're at it? 

Then you will LOVE my 3-part Fertility Awareness Method class series, coming up soon in Davis, CA! 

Be ready to learn about:

☽ Body literacy & sexual anatomy

☽ Menstrual cycle & hormonal health

☽ Sympto-thermal cycle charting to gauge your reproductive health

☽ Highly effective contraception without hormones

☽ Taking your reproductive health into your own hands! (Sounding pretty damn important these days, right?)

This class series will be on three Saturdays: November 3rd & 10th, and December 1st, from 10 am - 1 pm. In the first two classes, we’ll learn all the WHATs and WHYs of sympto-thermal cycle tracking, then have a couple of weeks off to practice. In the final class, we’ll go over the specific rules for using FAM to avoid pregnancy. All participants will then have a follow-up one-on-one session with me at a later date, where we’ll go over your charts and discuss any lingering questions you may have.

This class is open to people with the capacity to cycle, inclusive of all gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, and relationship/family structures. If you have ovaries, this is the place for you!

COST: Sliding scale $165 - $225. This includes three group classes (9 hours total) plus a one-hour private follow-up session, a booklet on how to chart your cycle, a digital basal thermometer, and several other informational documents. The true cost of this class series is about $200/person, and any payment received over that amount will go into a scholarship fund for future classes, so please pay higher on the scale if you are able.


Babies in arms (pre-mobile) are welcome! Oh and did I mention, FAM can be used effectively during the postpartum time, even before your cycles have returned?