Awaken your body-knowledge

        your innate wisdom

        and your power to manage your fertility

        free from the medical-pharmaceutical system


Gain the tools 

        (you should have learned at puberty)

        to understand your menstrual cycles

        and what’s going on inside your own body


Join together in a community of body-wisdom-seekers 

        as we learn, laugh, share, cry

       in amazement at what our bodies are capable of!

are you ready?

fertility awareness education

pregnancy & birth preparation

lactation support

womb /woom/

seat of power, of gestation, of new life. sheds that which no longer serves, and brings forth that which is ready to be born.

sage /seɪdʒ/

1. wise one, teacher. 2. common name of plants in the genus salvia. provides food, medicine; attracts pollinators.